"...for I was hungry and you gave Me food;"

Matthew 25:35 NKJV

Our Kingdom assignment is to receive the Gospel so we can be the Gospel!  Making God visible

through love and compassion for others.

Our Mission through the Heart for Haiti ministry is to support Christian schools in Port-au-Prince Haiti. 

Institution Mixte Emmanuel of Fonds Jean Noel (IMEF)*

Emmanuel Christian School

Good Shepherd Christian School of Saint-Louis-du-Nord

Institution Mixte Emmanuel of Bazen

Mixte Emmanuel Academy of Port-au-Prince

Our vision is to transform lives by sharing a genuine demonstration of God’s love and compassion through actions.

Your generous donations will not only be used to supplement the income of teachers who are not currently receiving salary, but will also provide healthy nutritious meals for the students as well.  We are currently supporting one (1) school and with your support will be able to assist all five (5). 

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