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The True Church
The true church of the Lord Jesus Christ is not defined by the four walls of a building, but born again believers who are committed to carrying out the commission of Jesus Christ which is the gospel to all the world.

[ pur-puhs ]


verb (used with object), pur·posed, pur·pos·ing.

  • to set as an aim, intention, or goal for oneself.

  • to intend; design.

Our purpose is to glorify God, evangelize the lost, and edify the believer. We endeavor to create corporate worship across the country and around the world by bringing believers together in the unity of the Spirit. To become ambassadors to our families, communities, and constituents. To advance the kingdom through personal evangelism. To equip every believer to become all that God has purposed and destined for their lives. And to prepare the world to usher in the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. 



To become a global church without walls, with born again believers who will covenant with Frontline Global Virtual Church, to be a-part of a global vision that reaches beyond the four walls of the church.  To carry the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.


As the Pastor and Founder of the Frontline Global Virtual Church, I welcome you and ask that you think outside of the box, and to become a part of this new movement in the kingdom of God for this last day ministry.  Please prayerfully consider becoming a member of FGVC Family and help us carry the gospel to the world.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me via email: or Office Phone: (302) 730-9200.  Welcome to FGVC!

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Once a year we will provide a three-day Frontline Global Virtual Church Fellowship Gathering, that will convene at a designated location across the country and around the world.  The purpose of this gathering is so that the body of FGVC Family can fellowship in person.  We will have both local and global leaders from across the country and around the world as our guests clinicians and speakers; Workshop classes and seminars on various topics and interests will be provided, to help us develop in our specific areas of ministry; To learn and glean from each other; and To be exposed to international ministries. 


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To become a member of the Frontline Global Virtual Church, you must fill out the information sheet provided by clicking on the membership registration link after you have completed reading the rest of this information. The administrative office will process your information and provide you with a personal online meeting with the pastor, for your new members orientation meeting. At that meeting the pastor will welcome you and give you more detailed information about the ministry and upon completion of the meeting, the Administrative Office will email or mail your membership certificate.   



The Pastor’s commitment to you as a member is:  

  • To provide a midweek Bible study, that promotes spiritual growth;

  • Sunday morning virtual worship, that teach and preach the word of God through practical application under the anointing;

  • To provide online or zoom counseling;

  • To provide spiritual guidance and direction;

  • To provide encouragement and prayer;

  • To help cultivate your gifts and talents; and

  • To be a spiritual covering.

We encourage every member to support the virtual church through tithes and offerings so that we can do global ministry and fulfill our church's purpose and mission.  A contribution statement will be provided by mid-January of the new year to every member.   All gifts are tax-deductible under our 501(c)(3) status, which is available for review upon request.  

Ways to give include:
Cash app: $FrontlineMinDE  |  Givelify  -OR-
Checks by mail to: Frontline Ministries, Inc.  |  1151 Walker Rd. STE. 200 | Dover, DE 19904

Ministry Involvement

Virtual Team Meeting


Opportunities are available for our global members to become a part of our virtual departments and auxiliaries such as our Women’s ministry, Men’s ministry, Youth ministry, Ministerial Staff, Sofia Ministry (Seniors), Music Department, and many others that are currently being developed. 


Together as a virtual congregation, we will do our part to help eradicate hunger, abuse, social injustice, and illiteracy across the country and around the world, by partnering with other entities who have proven track records.

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